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Talent is Everywhere

It’s time to find it.
Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent automation — going beyond human knowledge or capabilities.
Machine Learning

Consistently learning successes and failures — making data-driven predictions.
Big Data

Making complicated data accessible and meaningful.
Behavioral Pattern Recognition

Delivering profiles of individuals’ behaviors and routines.

Automated A.I. Sourcing

Become more knowledgeable about candidates by letting Arya do the sourcing — using advanced analytics and machine learning to populate your pipeline with the top talent who are the best fit for the job.

Candidate Engagement

Leverage your extra bandwidth to spend time engaging with candidates — focusing on their talent, growth, and potential — creating a coveted valuable experience for candidates and a growth opportunity for recruiters.

Mover Predictor

Pursue quality candidates who are ready to make a change by gauging their likeliness to move jobs — measured by three levels of mover probability: low, medium, and high.

Best fit Candidate

Best Fit Identifier

Identify organizational DNA alignment in candidates — taking a look inside their story and discovering the right fit for an organization.

Leverage Your Impact

Enhance your Arya experience with these additional modules.

Social Arya

Analyze more than 300 million social profiles.

Social Arya

Analyze more than 300 million social profiles across the open web and in your ATS.

Candidate Experience Portal

Ignite the recruiter-candidate relationship.

Candidate Experience Portal

Interactive career portal providing engagement and easy access to start a conversation with a recruiter.

Discover how AI is being leveraged for the recruiting industry