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SIA Executive Forum

Come see us at booth 126 and find out why Arya by Leoforce is the leader in Artificial People Intelligence! Want to reserve a specific meeting time? Please fill out this form and someone from our team will contact you to set up a meeting on-site.

BONUS!!! Each company who schedules and attends a post-event follow-up will receive a FREE 30-day trial of Arya*! One lucky company will even be entered to win a FREE year of Arya!

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Fontainebleau Hotel

Miami Beach, Florida


March 9-12, 2020

Booth #126

AI-driven candidate sourcing
Capture sourcing and successful recruiting patterns to identify top candidates then apply Arya’s intelligence to find the right fit for each opportunity.
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40-80% productivity gain
Cut your sourcing time in half while improving efficiency and finding better talent faster. Direct your freed-up time to focus on what you do best-create personal connections and build relationships with candidates.
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Multi-channel engagement
Meet candidates where they are already engaging to create meaningful conversations through text, email, chat, and click-to-call.
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Identifies unbiased quality of candidate
Bring objectivity to a previously subjective process by relying on relevant candidate and industry data, trends, and insights to make hiring decisions free of bias.

Here’s what you’ll see from us at the show:

  • A close-up look at Arya 3.0:
    • Updated design, more data sources, interview scheduler, and more opportunities to feed Arya’s intelligence with real-time results
    • Multi-Channel Candidate Engagement Suite with text, click-to-call, email, and chatbot functionality
  • We’re speaking! Check out our session:
    • AI powered recruiting-friend or foe?
      Date/Time: Wednesday, March 11, 2:00pm
      Room: Splash 13/14

Wednesday, March 11

2PM | Splash 13/14


Sarah Beth Maronpot
AVP Global Marketing

Ideas in Action Session

AI powered recruiting—friend or foe?

AI is here to stay, so how do you make it work for you and your organization? The simultaneous use of AI and programmatic sourcing not only allows for improved channel optimization, but also eliminates blind spending. Know which channels are performing best and invest your time and resources where it matters most.

In this session, we’ll discuss the gap between our perception of AI and what it’s actually doing behind the scenes. You’ll walk away with more insight into the inner workings of AI, how to successfully blend people and technology, and actionable steps to begin this strategic partnership.