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A simple solution for a complex business model

Innovate and accelerate RPO success with A.I. Recruiting

Capture Global Market Share

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firms require a mature, global sourcing tool that looks beyond the most popular online professional networks and expands into emerging markets. Conventional tools designed for local and regional reach alone won’t serve a global enterprise. Our RPO software solves this essential need.

Arya allows you to source candidates from all over the world, capitalizing on those emerging markets, including:
North America, European Union, Asia-Pacific, Australia-New Zealand, and South Africa

RPO software

Differentiate Your Firm in an Increasingly Crowded Market

Business as usual no longer meets clients’ needs and expectations. In this tight labor market and with a critical skills shortage, finding creative ways to attract and retain talent is essential. Innovation is a value-add for RPO clients. Innovators don’t just manage hiring transactions, they are their clients’ strategic business partners. They find new and innovative ways to bring value to their clients’ business functions.

Arya provides an inside look at job intelligence, which includes a full universe of candidates that Arya’s A.I. has chosen to evaluate for the best fit, arming recruiters with detailed knowledge about each candidate and each job that only A.I. can quickly provide. Arya gives you that competitive edge with A.I. software for RPOs.

Duplicate Success

RPOs have some of the best recruiters in the world, but growth and client expectations require duplicating the success of the best-of-the-best and doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Arya’s A.I. learns from success and spreads the knowledge across the organization – using machine learning to understand who recruiters are shortlisting and ignoring, who is hired, benchmarking ideal candidates based on these trends, making the connection between past successes and future hires, and populating your pipeline with the right candidates for each requisition. FAST.

Every RPO has its own proprietary strategies, processes, techniques, and philosophies. We know what a critical differentiator that is. That’s why Arya secures and protects the knowledge it gains from recruiters’ successful behaviors and distinctive preferences. The hard-earned success of one company is not shared with others.

duplicate success

Customize your experience

Find the Best Candidate on Every Source

Clients expect that their RPO partner will find the best candidates. They don’t ask them to ‘Get the most out of ATS data’ or ‘Find the best talent on social’, they expect the top candidate, no matter the source. Period. A.I. recruiting for RPOs takes advantage of every available source and brings only the highest quality candidates into your recruiting pipeline.

Arya searches multiple sources at one time including job boards, internal systems, professional sites, social databases, and other global talent sources. Arya’s artificial intelligence is able to analyze jobs and candidates faster and more completely than a human – bringing you the most qualified candidates and ideal “culture-adds”, fast, while providing essential reporting and analytics to demonstrate why a candidate will be a successful hire. Only artificial intelligence for RPOs, developed by people who understand RPOs, can deliver this.

Create a Dynamic Business Model and Environment

RPOs need tools and technologies to support the unique needs of their business. Recruiter “buy in” is everything – we know that tools must make an instant impact to be adopted and not distract from watching margin on hires. That’s where an RPO A.I. technology comes in.

We have extensive experience working with RPOs. Arya’s flexible, open architecture allows us to meet the needs of this unique business model immediately and effectively by integrating directly with your ATSs without disruption to current processes and workflow.

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Standardization On One Tool

RPOs work across many industries, job types, and geographies. That’s why we’ve made sure our tool seamlessly standardizes your work processes, providing a simple solution to get everything done on one platform.

We work across countless industries, sourcing over 10,000 jobs across 50 countries each month. All of that data is available to you in one seamless platform, integrating directly with your current system.


Exceed Client Expectations

A lot is expected of RPOs – employer branding, a personalized application and hiring process, investing in best-of-breed technology, meeting and exceeding KPIs like time-to-hire, cost-to-hire, and high retention rates.

Arya’s artificial intelligence is working 24 hours a day to continue learning from recruiters, mining the web and internal databases for imperative candidate and job data, and creating new and more efficient processes for teams to execute and excel in their craft, without having to compromise on delivery or time-sensitive deadlines.

Finally, an RPO tool that works. A.I. recruiting for RPOs is here.