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ATS and CRM Platforms

Build a better experience for your clients by giving them another data-driven tool to drive growth.
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Contact Information Providers

Get more social data. Rack in more quality candidate information matches.
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Job Boards

Create a smarter way of identifying quality candidates with a simple and seamless interface that drives productivity.
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Join industry leaders in building an innovative and cutting-edge A.I. recruiting integration.


Get the most out of your internal data

Recruiters spend too much time working to qualify candidates within their internal database. A.I. and Machine Learning build another level of sophistication and a data-centered approach to automatically qualify candidates within your existing ATS or CRM platform, providing a seamless sourcing process for your recruiters. Our fully open software creates a fast, accurate, and secure exchange of data that fights outdated and timely sourcing processes to drive smarter recruiting within your organization.


Qualify Candidates Faster

Recruiters spend copious amounts of hours scraping job boards to find qualified candidates. Our intelligent recruiting platform integration provides a quick and seamless approach for your recruiters to qualify candidates simpler and faster by a click of a button. Our machine learning technology learns from your recruiters’ hiring successes and identifies ideal candidate qualities then sources job boards for similar candidates and automatically populates your internal pipeline with this top talent.


Access more social data and build credible contact information

Automatically get introduced to all of our clients by integrating with our A.I. recruiting platform that reaches 25 million new candidate profiles per month.

Leading the HR industry towards community

We are a proud member of the HR Open Standards Consortium that simplifies HR integrations and empowers industry leaders to define the standards for the future of HR. We pride ourselves in the fact that our A.I.-powered platform adheres to a global, industry standard that saves both us and our partners time and money throughout integration.


Connect with our open and secure A.I. recruiting platform and equip your clients with best of breed tech

We’re not in this A.I. revolution alone. Transforming technology, businesses, and human life requires teamwork and community. As we share in our commitment to shaping our businesses through data-driven recruiting and the growth of technology, we’re teaming up to build connections that create a greater impact on our clients. Doing it alone was never the intention. Building a community of dedicated partners working towards a common goal is where the magic happens. We’re partnering with one another to set our clients up for secured success.

Interested in learning how to join our team of partners and lead the HR industry? Read about our open APIs and secure A.I. recruiting platform integration below.

How we exchange open and secure APIs:

Consume APIs published by your ATS and CRM

Integrate with APIs developed to integrate with proprietary candidate databases

Consume Arya published APIs

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Join HR industry leaders in building an innovative and cutting-edge integration.

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