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We practice an API-centric and API-first architectural philosophy. Seamless and fully automated integrations are our specialty. Each clients’ recruitment process and technology ecosystem is unique, which is why we’ve built an extensive library of APIs that integrates from beginning to end during the process of sourcing, screening, interviewing, selecting, and hiring to employee onboarding.
Leoforce is actively engaged with dozens of business partners with the shared goal of delivering greater value and a higher Return on Investment to our mutual clients. Arya supports an open API platform and is currently integrated with dozens of third-party Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management tools (CRM), Recruitment Marketing, Job Boards, and candidate profile enrichment providers.

Our industry-leading partnerships

Don’t change the way you work. We seamlessly integrate with:


ATS and CRM integrations


industry-leading global job board integrations with several additional job board integrations in process


data enrichment partner integrations
Marketplace Partners
ATS Integrations
Job Boards
Additional Partners

Don’t just take our word for it


Arya helps recruiters:

Replicate consistent high-performance across the entire recruiting team.
Leverage previous investments in acquiring talent.
Minimize human bias and error in the sourcing process.
Decrease the time to submit a candidate and ultimately time to fill.
Maximize utilization and ROI from existing candidate sources.
Identify passive candidates’ willingness to change jobs.
Improve quality of hire by replicating high-performing placements and hires.
Increase contact success and improve candidate engagement with quick communications via text, email, phone, and chatbot.
Accelerate ramp time of new or inexperienced recruiters.
Reduce costs while simultaneously reducing time-to-hire.

Leading the HR industry towards community

We are a proud member of the HR Open Standards Consortium that simplifies HR integrations and empowers industry leaders to define the standards for the future of HR. We pride ourselves in the fact that our AI-powered platform adheres to a global, industry standard that saves both us and our partners time and money throughout integration.



Connect with our open and secure AI recruiting platform and equip your clients with leading HR technology.

We’re not in this AI revolution alone. Transforming technology, businesses, and human life requires teamwork and community. As we share in our commitment to shaping our businesses through data-driven community and the growth of technology, we’re teaming up to build connections that create a greater impact on our clients. Doing it alone was never the intention. Building a community of dedicated partners working towards a common goal is where the magic happens. We’re partnering with one another to set our clients up for secured success.

How we exchange open and secure APIs

Consume APIs published by your ATS and CRM
Integrate with APIs developed to integrate with proprietary candidate databases
Consume Arya published APIs

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