Today’s recruitment and talent acquisition market is enormous. This means that organizations in this space are consistently monitoring and implementing growing trends, tools, and HR technologies in order to stay relevant.

Bersin by Deloitte shares, “This market is not only large, it is also highly strategic for many companies. Fast-growing technology companies, for example, can make or break their business plans based on how quickly they can find the right engineers, marketing, and sales people. Retailers and seasonal manufacturers have to hire hundreds to thousands of people at critical times during the year, so it is key that they be able to hire quickly and as effectively as possible at scale. And companies that compete for senior technical and executive talent are always struggling to find new ways to source candidates, attract people, and convince them to join.”

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As the war for talent is growing rapidly, how do organizations find the best and reach them effectively?

Top priority for staffing firms

across the globe

Finding talent, timely, is imminent to an organization’s success. Hiring effectively is every business’ goal, but hiring both quickly and effectively can put your organization a step ahead of the rest.

At Staffing World 2016’s recent trade show, thousands of staffing firms across the globe were asked what their top priority is in 2017. Their answer? Keeping up with and leveraging technology.


As the war for talent is growing rapidly, how do organizations find the best and reach them effectively?

According to culture leader and entrepreneur, Chris Cancialosi, “Finding the right fit and mutual evaluation inevitably requires more interaction and more time and energy. And in order to evolve the talent process to meet this new operating environment, companies are leveraging technology to do a lot of the heavy lifting for them.”

Leverage your data to reach the talent you want

Different from even 5 years ago, machine learning and deep learning algorithms are effectively taking complicated data and turning it into meaningful and accessible information — information that allows recruiters to make more insightful decisions — faster. It’s a fact that human connection is at the core of recruiting successes. Therefore, leveraging data to find talent quickly and most effectively can give recruiters more time to focus on the things that candidates need: connection and relationships.

There’s no doubt that candidates are in control. They’re no longer accepting the first job that comes on their radar. Candidates now have clear values and culture needs they desire to be met. They’re searching for the job that’s the ‘right fit’. So, the question is, when are organizations going to recognize that and change their processes accordingly to gain the best talent? It starts with companies asking themselves, “How can we reach the talent we want, effectively?” Then taking the proper steps to get there.

As new technologies are flooding the market, the end goal for companies will be choosing a solution that will improve business results, not just provide immediate enhancements to their organization. Think long-term strategy. Think an all-in-one solution benefiting each member of your team. Tech evangelist, Andre Bourque provides a great resource for companies to begin educating themselves on what to look for in HR technology solutions.

With the war for talent being in constant demand, it only makes sense to invest your time and energy in a process that gives you results. That gives you value. In the coming days, the only businesses that will survive are those that innovated. Those that leveraged data. Those that embraced change.

If you’re not accessing the talent you want, a change needs to be made. The first step is identifying the top talent. The second is engaging with those candidates to find the right fit for your organization. Neither of these can be accomplished if your technology is falling short.

As the talent acquisition market continues to grow, this truth will remain: whoever does it better, faster will survive.

Times are changing. Utilizing the data you have and embracing intel that is at your fingertips can alter your business strategy and success. It’s time to make that a clear priority for your organization.

The best technologies will identify the right talent

Companies are defined by their people. No matter their processes, goals, or roadmap, their talent will define their success. But, if there’s no way for businesses to identify the best talent, they won’t attain it — eventually leading to their extinction. It’s time for organizations to realize that truth and invest in the necessary technologies that will find the best people to effectively live out their company’s vision.

Keeping up with and leveraging technology can make or break your success.

Staying relevant matters. Without it, your people won’t grow and your business won’t flourish.

It’s time to identify the priorities that will determine your business’ success. The Talent Acquisition market is growing. Are you?

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