It’s easy to feel small and helpless in moments like these. No one could prepare us to navigate the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created in our world. The shock, immediate impact, and lingering doubt and fear has weighed on every human being worldwide over the past few weeks. The shock hasn’t been able to truly wear off because we’re still in the midst of daily changes and news that affects the comfort and security of our personal and professional lives.

Many have compared this pandemic to the global crisis that occurred on September 11, 2001. The shock, the dramatic impact, and the aftermath were all uncertain. The economy was scrambling and unsure of what was next and how long the repercussions would last.

CEO and chairman of the HR Technology Conference, Steve Boese, says, “It is expected that when new data from the BLS is reported, this pandemic might be the single most devastating job-loss event in our lifetimes. There have been reports suggesting that as many as 5 million workers will either be laid off outright, or placed on an indefinite furlough without pay.”

Work, as we know it, has dramatically changed. Whether people are able to practice remote work, are moving to fill a more mission-critical role within their organization, are simply losing their work completely, or are grasping for a new opportunity during this market crisis, the way everyone does work has been disrupted in some major way.

What now?

Clearly, this is no small battle to face. It’s a lot in a very very short time. Many aspects of the workforce are crumbling and will continue to be affected. But the recovery is our responsibility as a community. It’s an uphill battle that we’re able to climb, as long as we have the right guidance and tools along the way.

As we’re witnessing, our world is coming together in a way that we’ve never really experienced before. It will be an event in history that people talk about for generations to come. Although people are fearful and are facing an ominous uncertainty right now, steps can be taken today to combat stunted growth for your business.

As HR and business leaders, our people are looking to us for answers. At Leoforce, we are a people-first company that wants to hear from, learn from, and be led by people. And we do this with technology as the bridge. AI is uniquely able to respond to sudden changes in the job market. In ways humans can’t navigate during a stressful or overbearing time, AI can. Whether that’s pulling together top candidates for roles, quickly recommending talent to fill time-sensitive openings, or directly addressing internal mobility needed in your organization, AI can help. And we’re here to help you navigate how it can help your business specifically during this time.

HR technology has never been so important. It is critical now, more than ever, to have the right people in place — people that will serve as essential support both in good times and uncertain times. We’re here to help you find and secure them.

We know that specific industries are essential in combating this pandemic, including:

  • Healthcare companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Auto makers
  • Essential service providers (grocery stores, utility companies, gas stations, restaurants)

We want to help you find top talent immediately and fill those roles.

If you’re a business that’s not considered “essential” during this crisis, that’s okay, too. We know you need help rebuilding what’s been affected, as well. We’re here to help you strategize and fill those roles with technology that focuses on long-term success.

At Leoforce, our vision is a world where everyone is meaningfully engaged in — and in control of — their personal and professional growth journeys. Right now, it’s hard to see where the journey will take us over the next few months, but we’re committed to supporting our communities to bring security and trust back into our work and ecosystem. And we believe that technology is here to be our aid and life-force when we need it.

We’re experiencing the new normal right now. At least for a few more months or so. The long-term impact of this crisis will affect the HR industry well into the future. We’ve been faced with an extremely tight labor market for the past 8 or so years. This pandemic has completely flipped that script and changed the HR narrative.

We don’t have to freeze just because we feel unprepared and unsure. There are reliable tools to help us and lead us forward in unity.

What we will do to specifically help you

We will be using our AI technology and data science expertise to quickly deliver new technology solutions and enhancements, not just for our clients, but for anyone, to help folks better prepare their recruiting teams and hiring strategies during an uncertain time that requires immediate action. For more information on how we’re helping essential companies in need fill their high-demand positions, read our latest press release.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to discuss your hiring needs and challenges. We are here and ready to work to bring some hope back to the chaos.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

***For all those who need immediate assistance with your hiring needs, get started here.

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Abby Carter // Tech Storyteller

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