Leoforce’s Biggest Release Ever with Arya 3.0: Uniquely blending human and AI-driven candidate communication 

The four pillars of 3.0 include quick engagement, strategic candidate personalization, intelligence-driven recruiting strategies, and diversity and bias-reducing initiatives. 

Communication is everything

When it comes to candidate communications, here’s what Alexander Mann’s latest Global Recruiting Survey revealed – LinkedIn is a whopping 60% less popular than email, and 20% less popular among candidates than a phone call or text. Yet, recruiters use LinkedIn 81% of the time, email 14%, and phone only 5%. Why? Maybe because they don’t have access to contact information, they’d rather send out generic blasts than spend time on one candidate, or they just don’t want to pressure them in any way. I don’t really know.

But, it’s no secret that a more personal touch yields a more responsive candidate. On average, candidates rank how they want to be communicated with in this order – 79% email, 39% phone, and 20% LinkedIn. They’ve made it extremely clear what our communication priorities should be as recruiters, yet recruiting organizations aren’t making any moves.

So, there’s a glitch in the system, right? Candidate demands have changed and recruiters aren’t adjusting their strategies because they don’t have the right recruiting tools to do so. They’re just doing what they’ve always done and expecting the same results. *Thinking emoji*.

Something’s gotta give. And we believe we’ve tackled one of the biggest gaps in talent acquisition with Arya 3.0, our biggest release ever and the first solution in the market that combines AI-powered sourcing from internal databases, job boards, and social networks with phone, text, email, and bot-driven candidate engagement all in one platform.

Let’s dig in…

ARYA CONNECT: A multi-channel engagement suite


The need for speed

Speed is the new normal. We communicate with each other in minutes; waiting more than 12 hours is now a faux-pas in answering business emails. Nearly a third of us respond to emails at work within 15 minutes. Texts, in seconds. What’s abnormal is thinking candidates will be interested in your impersonal outreach or black-hole application process. I’m not exaggerating when they’ll say, “thank u, next” after reading a terribly-written email or being ghosted from you for weeks. The talent market has never been so competitive. If you’re not meeting candidates where they want to engage, you’ll miss them completely.

Personalization is now a must have

Finding the right candidate is paramount to organizations of all sizes, and across all industries, but if you can’t find them or struggle to engage with them in a timely manner, and keep them engaged, then the hard work of a search can be wasted, and important opportunities lost. With our new multi-channel engagement suite, Arya Connect, we’re giving recruiters the tools they need to create meaningful conversations with candidates. By personalizing communications to an individual’s specific style and personality and engaging with them in exactly the way they want, at the quick speed they want, recruiters are now able to combine the powerful benefits of AI without losing the importance of the human touch.

The shift from data-driven to intelligence-driven

Data is so easily accessible today, but no one knows what to do with it. Most recruiting platforms grab data from third-party providers, but don’t show you where, how, or why they got the information. They just jumble the data points together and call it AI without providing any clarity on why all the pieces and parts fit together to create a valuable story.

With Arya 3.0, we’re using AI to tell two stories.
  1. A candidate’s story
  2. A recruiting company’s story

We help you piece together a candidate’s story by putting the puzzle together that you may already have the pieces to – their data. Including their strengths, weaknesses, past jobs and companies, potential, personality, where they fit in and excel best, what role and organization could benefit from their expertise, etc. We give you a larger view of who they are, where they would excel, and how to convey that clearly in your engagement efforts.

We not only create a candidate’s story with AI, we also help you learn your recruiting company’s story. Most recruiting organizations are siloed – they make successful hires, but have no way of sharing that  across the company to duplicate success and hire similar candidates, based on those same hiring patterns and data points, in the future. Again, we provide a big picture view of how your company hires and give you opportunities to feed Arya’s intelligence in real-time for immediate results. You get to see it all happening in real-time and learn how it’s pieced together to bring the best results.

It’s no secret that most people don’t trust AI and are skeptical about its transparency and true value simply because they can’t tangibly see what it’s doing. AI can’t always be spelled out and explained explicitly, but we dedicated our Arya 3.0 efforts to include a deep dive and inside look at how Arya is getting smarter and not only making sense of dispersed data, but piece by piece creating an intelligent story that just keeps getting fed into the system for smarter results.

Diversity and reducing bias is no longer in question

Bias and diversity initiatives are no longer a “nice to have”, but a “must have” for companies of all shapes and sizes. And we all know Amazon scraping their AI tool because of biases toward women really tainted the ‘AI recruiting’ name.

That’s why we’ve recognized that it’s SO important to be transparent about what our AI is actually doing behind the scenes. As an AI company, it’s critical to assess our algorithms on a consistent basis for bias, clarity, and data security and begin to refine as needed. Arya monitors, refines, and tests each aggregated data point for fairness, accuracy, and relevance on a consistent basis to provide the freshest and most reliable candidate, job, and industry data for your recruiting team in real-time. Providing trust to our clients is our number one goal as a technology company. And that starts with transparency around our data.

It’s important to know that AI isn’t 100% bias-free. Human hands are touching the data, so it’s impossible to not have a trace of bias in its results, but consistently monitoring and dedicating resources to reviewing our intelligence is how we ensure AI and humans are working simultaneously  instead of in silos.

Leoforce founder and CEO, Madhu Modugu, comments on our stance on bias in AI, “We pride ourselves in having 8+ diverse data scientists and 80+ engineers from across the world who are dedicated to continuously refining Arya’s intelligence with real-time results. Our goal is to bring an objective and diverse approach to a previously subjective recruiting process. We consistently work day in and day out to monitor, refine, and test our data for bias, clarity, and data security to bring only the freshest and intelligence-driven candidates into your pipeline.”

See Arya 3.0 up close

We’ve spent a lot of time strategically planning, building, and refining the new release of Arya 3.0 to deliver the freshest data, highest quality candidates, and engagement tools that recruiting organizations need to be successful in this hyper-competitive talent market.

Want to see a live demo of Arya 3.0? Watch it here.

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