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AI Recruiting

What candidates want in work culture

By | Candidate Engagement

The pandemic is shaping American culture and restructuring where we work, the tools we use, who we work with, and the work environment. Often an intangible quality, work culture is crucial to any employee experience.  When applying for jobs, people look for an atmosphere that aligns with their personal goals…

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What recruiters need to know about engaging neurodiverse applicants

By | Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resource Management, Informative

In a world where cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in the workplace is increasingly valued, a different type of demographic is rising to the forefront of the collective consciousness – the neurodiverse.  Neurodiversity (ND) is an umbrella term that includes any individuals whose minds are “wired” atypically. Neurodiversity can…

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Five ways to survive recruiting during the holiday crunch

By | Candidate Engagement, Recruiting Technology, Recruiting Tools

Tis’ the season of scrambling to meet year-end recruiting goals. The holidays are here and it’s time to get ready for the new year. Although holidays are a time for rest, fellowship, sugar cookies and gifts, it’s easy for goals to fall by the wayside if you let them. There are ways to enjoy the festivities, relax a bit, and still accomplish your recruiting goals…

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