2020 has rocked our ability (and desire) to make long-term commitments — in every facet of our lives, really. Especially in business.

The world is on edge. We’re all in reaction mode. Being able to plan six months ahead would be a gift at this point.

With shifting timelines and the ability to plan for future growth being challenged, we have all had to alter our mindsets. The overarching question has been: what can we do, right now, to better our business and enhance our immediate impact?

As quarantine was in full-effect last summer, we, at Leoforce, wanted to create a customized solution that met people and businesses where they were. Hiring in large waves was on pause (excluding those hiring frontline workers and first-responders). We worked to build a platform that supported an agile, on-demand hiring strategy that didn’t compromise intelligent decision-making. An easier, more affordable way to recruit top talent. We called this solution Arya Pulse. Our desire was for the people that we support to have a pulse on their hiring, to be able to take advantage of short bursts (or pulses) of activity vs a sustained/lengthy contract. To come and go as they needed help hiring new talent, on their own time, and based on their own hiring demand.

One of our favorite success stories was born with Bashyam Shah: Immigration Law Group.

“Going through resumes is a time-consuming process. Arya cut out that process for us. There’s a lot of value to that. You’re basically making us more efficient in the recruiting process”, said Managing Partner at Bashyam Shah, Murali Bashyam.

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