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What is QuickRecruit, and how this company attracts top talent with Arya

To recruit elite talent, QuickRecruit has simplified the process by utilizing  technological solutions like Arya. Sourcing applicants and scheduling interviews with AI  attracts top talent for the company which have differentiated them from many traditional competitors. Automation and optimization of the front-end candidate sourcing process reduces costs, increases quality, and improves lead-to-hire likelihood.

 How Intelligence-driven tools like Arya boost recruiting efficiency  

Arya is an AI technology recruiting platform that selects and identifies the best available candidates from various reputable sources across the globe. Unlike the typical keyword search that is commonly used in the recruiting process, Arya goes much deeper by: 

  • Incorporating deep machine learning with each new form of information 
  • Creating in-house search algorithms attracts top talent based on recruiting criteria 
  • Producing behavioral pattern analytics from user interactions and candidate placing success 
  • Using predictive analytics to determine the best performing hires 
  • Including chatbot technology to automate and optimize candidate engagement, screening, and interview scheduling 

Results of integrating AI recruiting tools into the QuickRecruit platform 

While short on resources, owner of QuickRecruit, Jack Farrell sought to expand the company. By adopting Arya, business was able to recruit excellent personnel and earned $90,000 in return in the first three months. The company also used the “people-intelligence” technology to:

  • Reduce Costs by 90% 
  • Improve Lead Time to Hire by 140% 
  • Improve Sourcing Quality by 130% 

How optimizing the process attracts top talent for recruiters

As work functions have become more digital in various industries, many recruiting firms are still using traditional manual sourcing methods. This takes up a lot of time, is more tedious, and reduces overall productivity. Instead of struggling to find quality candidates through basic keyword searches or manually creating and sending communications, integrating AI sourcing tools can cut downtime and improve overall efficiency. This saves you money and ultimately matches top talent with employers.  

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