Many Americans are struggling through job searches right now because of COVID-19. The unemployment rate is hovering around 15% with officials warning that it could creep closer to 20% in the coming months.

While sectors such as healthcare and IT are experiencing hiring surges, small business hiring challenges are rampant in other industries. With companies dealing with decreased hiring budgets, increased remote work, and other add-ons, putting the right people in the right roles is a significant challenge.

Finding those qualified candidates gets a whole lot simpler with more advanced HR technology tactics. Hiring managers need the kinds of resources that will help them thrive in this current environment. It’s not always about adding the latest tech, but finding a way to be successful with what you have or who you partner with.

The future of recruiting technology should feature a shift to this thinking — something Leoforce’s new line of offerings embrace.

Leoforce’s Contributions to the Future of HR Technology

Evolved solutions will, at times, mean evolved expectations for the industries leveraging those tools. As AI recruiting technology and other resources become more advanced, what will that say about the role technology continues to play in HR?

Much of the same, to be honest. No matter what tools or updates emerge, recruiters will continue to provide innovative, creative, and dependable hires that help kick-start growth. The only change is the status quo for the companies recruiters work for: In the wake of COVID-19, organizations will have to account for variables and barriers that make small business hiring challenges hard to overcome.

Before the coronavirus broke out, we updated our array of offerings with two solutions that can help businesses keep up with this changing face of hiring. Here’s a little bit about each service and the glimpse each provides into the future of recruiting technology:

  • Arya Pulse: Every recruiting team puts their best foot forward to attract and engage the perfect candidates for an opening. But whether it’s because they run out of time, resources, or potential applicants, sometimes that perfect hire never emerges.

With Arya Pulse, recruiters have an on-demand AI recruiting technology option that simplifies sourcing into a three-step process that brings the best candidates to your attention faster. First, you create a job description that lists the musts and maybes that the ideal applicant has. Next, you can talk up your company a bit, providing essential details about the organization that illustrates where this hire would fit in the process. From there, provide the necessary payment information and let the HR technology uncover ideal candidates and engage them in minutes.

In addition to helping busy hiring teams, Arya Pulse is ideal for companies that don’t have recruiting power or budget and don’t have access to multiple sourcing channels. For a flat fee per job, Arya Pulse identifies qualified, interview-ready applicants across several channels and sources, giving recruiting teams full purchasing power that combines AI and the human touch — not just a job board subscription or ad.

  • Arya Muse: Pandemic or no pandemic, HR technology trends have enabled candidates to take more control of their job hunts. That won’t change. Arya Muse recognizes this shift in ownership and empowers talent with top-shelf AIrecruiting technology that lets them guide their searches and careers.

Arya Muse uses candidate intelligence and insights to allow talent to build professional profiles that align with machine-approved prerequisites and engage human expertise. This AI can predict professional pathways, steer users toward milestones, and provide competitive analysis that stacks candidates up against fellow applicants based on salary, skills, and experience.

Furthermore, Arya Muse provides profile keywords and recommendations that help candidates stand out to both man and machine; it even provides structural advice on how to best distinguish one profile from another. Once completed, a candidate can submit the profile themselves and receive real-time notifications once it’s been reviewed, all with the knowledge that the platform is keeping his or her personal information safe and sound.

Oh, and it does all of this for free. With Arya Muse, candidates can steer their professional journeys and ensure they stay on track. Even in a time like right now.

Though Arya Pulse and Arya Muse service the two ends of the job search spectrum, each one points to the future benefits of recruiting technology. Small business hiring challenges don’t need to persist — you just have to find a way to thrive and be successful with different tools and strategies. Use this time as an opportunity to find and refresh your tech stack niche.

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