In the world of recruiting efficiency is key. The more efficient the process, the better the outcomes. You can increase your recruiting efficiency without disrupting your workflow by adding new tools to your existing process that help you identify great candidates with less time investment, freeing you to focus on what you do best: candidate engagement and nurturing your company’s talent.

We understand that learning a complicated new tool that disrupts your workflow can actually lower your efficiency. We’d like to suggest an easy way to automate repetitive, non-productive work without turning your work life upside down.

Today, you waste hours every week

A LinkedIn study suggests that 57 percent of candidates who apply for a position are unqualified for the job, which is a huge task for the recruiter to filter out.

In today’s competitive job market, top talent won’t be waiting patiently to hear from you and will engage with the companies who reach out to them first.

Many recruiters spend about 10 hours a week on new talent acquisitions. Would you like to get back the hours you waste sifting through unqualified candidates while engaging top talent more quickly?

AI-powered tools to the rescue!

Fortunately, finding and engaging candidates need not be so time-consuming anymore! An AI-powered tool can help you build a more qualified pipeline right from the start. It need not be complicated. It can be a simple addition that makes your entire hiring process more efficient.

The usual sourcing process involves finding, posting to, and monitoring job channels where your ideal candidates may have a presence, and entering a list of role-specific keywords to every search. That’s pretty tedious! AI-powered recruiting technology can help in two ways. First, you can post your requirements and conduct an AI-assisted search on multiple premium job boards. Second, because AI filters out unqualified candidates, you can start with one consolidated list with only the most promising talent.

Here is how Arya can help!

By simply adding Arya by Leoforce to your recruiting arsenal, you see a single, de-duplicated, stack-ranked list of best-fit candidates matched to your specific jobs. Candidates are sourced from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 700 million+ active and passive candidates, the world’s largest. You no longer have to search by jumping from system to system and platform to platform, combing through lists of past and current applicants, active job seekers, job board users, members of accreditation and professional organizations, and social networking sites.

Get more efficient, reduce your stress

Arya by Leoforce – the world’s premier recruiting platform with a modern cloud-based deployment system that allows all third-party integration. The integrated ATS and CRM allow recruiters to source and engage the best quality candidate most efficiently.

There’s an easy way to benefit from Arya whether you’re a sophisticated recruiting agency or high-volume HR department, or a small-business hiring manager.

Author Vidya Tanikella

Vidya was born and raised in a beautiful mangrove-filled coastal region of India. A writer by day and reader by night, she enjoys storytelling and coaching. Her professional mission is to build clear communications that help businesses choose better solutions and elevate their success. Avid-DIYer, social worker, urban gardener, wife, and mom of two, she likes spending time with her kids doing what they love.

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