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This year’s HR Tech Conference was one for the books. As thousands of sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors crowded Chicago, the collective hype of disrupting HR was at its loudest roar. As consumers explored the exhibitor floor, it was clear that they were searching for something that would catch their eye — a technology solution that would catalyze the growth of their talent acquisition organization.

There was one obvious theme at the conference — to disrupt HR with innovative technology.

Presenters spoke on, “How Networks and Platforms Are Transforming HR’s Agenda” to “The Datafication of HR” to “The Role of HR in 2022”. Exhibitors carried in giant posters, extravagant booths, and flashy promotional items to grab attendees attention in hopes that they might explore their solution.

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“The name of the game was the same for all contributors — to be the differentiator in a room full of HR experts.”

The name of the game was the same for all contributors — to be the differentiator in a room full of HR experts.

Whether the solution was concentrated on driving candidate experience, improving employee retention, or creating better internal communication, they all lacked the most important factor of the recruiting process — finding the right fit. There’s no reason to drive candidate experience with one hundred of the wrong candidates. It’s impossible to improve employee retention if you’re hiring the wrong kind of talent. And creating better internal communication doesn’t matter if you’re not interviewing the candidates fit for the job.

There were a few buzzwords at the event that simply clouded over the rest, including: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. These “buzzwords” are carrying a great amount of weight in the lives and organizations of HR experts. Why? Because they’re transforming the industry — which means they’re demanding our attention.

When you hear the words, Artificial Intelligence, your mind immediately goes to another place — robots, machines, and big data. But, you also envision deeper intel at your fingertips, higher productivity, and more efficient processes. That’s why it’s intriguing — no one knows exactly what to think when they see the letters “AI” side by side, but it captivates our attention.

At Arya, we believe that AI is disrupting talent acquisition — creating a more intelligent workforce by augmenting what individuals can do. AI is providing recruiters with both valuable and actionable insight — allowing them to successfully identify and place the best fit. This enhances the growth of a personal candidate experience, drastically raises retention rates, decreases time-to-fill and most importantly, identifies a quality hire fit for the job.

Artificial Intelligence at HR Tech

We were amazed at the excitement surrounding Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting at HR Tech.

The heart of our conversations were with individuals excited that AI can automate their sourcing and increase their recruiters’ productivity. Others were more intrigued by the fact that AI capitalizes on their internal data and consolidates their processes. But all were captivated by the clear competitive advantage this technology brings.

Either way you spin it, AI providers were a rarity at this show. The buzz was there, but there were very few exhibitors strictly focused on empowering recruiters with an AI tool.

Why? Because it’s a differentiator — and people are arriving late to the party. 

Knowledge is power

AI takes large volumes of complicated data and turns it into meaningful and accessible information for your recruiters creating a strategic action plan for your organization.

If you’re confused about the terminology and just want a simple explanation for what’s going on behind the scenes of this technology, here it is:

Data uncovers the story — AI delivers it.

Finding the best fit for a position is every recruiting organization’s end goal. Nothing else matters if you can’t find the candidate that will excel in the position and grow in the organization. Enter AI. By automating your sourcing, AI identifies (by comparing several plots of data to millions of profiles) the candidates who will be the best fit for the position delivering a deeper story of who they are to your recruiters, empowering them to spend their time on building the appropriate relationships and placing the best talent (Learn the specifics here). 

The Arya platform is the only machine learning engine to source candidates. That means it retains your knowledge and learns to duplicate your successful hiring patterns and best practices. That’s a game-changer.

Final thoughts

We were incredibly thankful that we got to be a part of HR Tech 2016. The future of HR is something to be excited about! 

At the end of the day, it didn’t matter how large your backdrop looked, how extravagantly decorated your booth was, or the level of flashiness your promotional items met. What mattered was how valuable your solution was. 

HR innovation is transforming the way companies are operating — growing the workforce as a whole.

AI is placing the growth of recruiting directly into your hands. I’d say it doesn’t get any more valuable than that. Are you ready to be a part of the solution that will catalyze the success of talent acquisition? The time is now.

See you next year, HR Tech!

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