Thanks to technology, the hiring process is more efficient, practical, and reliable than ever before. But has it lost focus on the human element of it all?

That’s a burning question for many folks in HR and recruiting. While AI hiring tools have made the process more efficient, people-first recruitment isn’t the priority it used to be — or should be. According to TribePad, about 4 out of every 10 people believe tech removes the human element from the hiring journey.

The problem isn’t that recruiters relied too heavily on technology or prioritized efficiency over person-to-person connections. Instead, the issue is that recruiters are just now figuring out how to tap into the benefits of those advanced tools without losing the art of their profession.

Recruiting is as much art as science — and the art happens on both sides of the equation. Ideally, innovative recruiting solutions should optimize the hiring process while supporting recruiters in the higher-value tasks of engaging with talent.

Here’s how recruiting technology can help hirers optimize the hiring process without sacrificing the personal touch:

1. Choose tech systems that integrate seamlessly with each other. According to a G2 study,68% of recruiters believe their jobs will become more efficient in the next five years thanks to technology. However, too many tools that don’t complement one another only add to the confusion and slow the process down.

Clunky, disconnected tech interfaces ruin any chance of recruiters getting the information they need smoothly. Invest in tech that enables hiring personnel to integrate their point solutions effortlessly and streamline workflows. That way, recruiters can lean on technology without feeling at odds with it.

2. Empower recruiters — don’t replace them. About 94% of recruiters surveyed by G2 say innovative recruiting solutions simplify their jobs. A solid hiring tool should work with recruiters and provide them the necessary People Intelligence to find qualified, capable candidates.

Cuts in recruiting teams have been made based on unrealistic promises from tech vendors. Rather than use technology to reduce staff roles, leverage tech to empower team members to do their best work. Choose tech products that give people more time to spend nurturing talent. You’ll see the benefits when you start attracting and placing top performers.

3. Lean into standardization. Standardization isn’t a four-letter word. Standardizing job descriptions and applications can make it easier for hirers to use tech in an assistive capacity.

For instance, hirers can rely on an automated system to scan a vast pool of diverse applicants in seconds. The standardization ensures the system won’t miss anyone, and the recruiters can take over once the pool of candidates is whittled down.

Recruiting is all about placing the right people with other people, which is why companies in all sectors should embrace people-first recruitment. Although technology hasn’t always promoted People Intelligence in the hiring journey, that has changed in recent times. Hirers just have to seek out the right fit for their tech stacks and workflows.

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Author Vidya Tanikella

Vidya was born and raised in a beautiful mangrove-filled coastal region of India. A writer by day and reader by night, she enjoys storytelling and coaching. Her professional mission is to build clear communications that help businesses choose better solutions and elevate their success. Avid-DIYer, social worker, urban gardener, wife, and mom of two, she likes spending time with her kids doing what they love.

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