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Diversity & Inclusion

How to accomodate candidates with ADHD during the hiring process

By | Candidate Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resource Management

When it comes to the hiring process, recruiters know that identifying the need for new job openings, deciding on whether to hire externally or internally, reviewing and writing job descriptions, and sourcing from the right areas are just the beginning. Another layer of responsibility recruiters have is adapting to candidates…

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What recruiters need to know about engaging neurodiverse applicants

By | Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resource Management, Informative

In a world where cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in the workplace is increasingly valued, a different type of demographic is rising to the forefront of the collective consciousness – the neurodiverse.  Neurodiversity (ND) is an umbrella term that includes any individuals whose minds are “wired” atypically. Neurodiversity can…

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