There are now more job openings than there are candidates to fill them, which means candidates have free reign to take a new spin on the traditional resume and create live, digital profiles for perfect, professional, personal branding in the digital resume era.


At some point or another, we’ve all been a candidate looking for a job. We’ve dutifully created a resume, had someone check it over for edits, then sent it off to as many different employers as we could, in hopes of hearing at least one long-awaited reply.

The universal problem

I’ve always thought landing the right job was a numbers game — the more resumes I sent out, the more likely I was to get a callback. I’ve quickly learned that mindset is fake news. Recruiters and employers spend a whopping six seconds looking at your resume. And only about five applicants actually earn an interview from hundreds of applications. Definitely not encouraging numbers for a candidate to hear.

Here’s a short, sweet, and slightly sappy story for you. I’m a writer for trade, so I genuinely thought I had a pretty badass and well-written resume. I wouldn’t say I poured my heart and soul into my resume because how could I really? A word template paired with my relevant skills and experience doesn’t exactly scream passionate and impactful, but I always went the extra mile and attached a cover letter because…hello, personalization. Who knows if anyone ever read it, but I sure as hell submitted it every chance I got, thinking that would prove my detailed work ethic and mentality to go above and beyond.

A few weeks went by and…. crickets. I hadn’t heard a thing. Had anyone even seen my resume or cover letter yet? How long was I going to have to wait until I heard from SOMEONE? I got pretty tired of this game that employers were playing so I took a different approach. I began sending personal messages to these employers on professional platforms. I didn’t attach my resume. I didn’t tell them I had already applied for a job at their company. I just introduced myself, thanked them for connecting with me, and said I was interested in working for a great company like theirs. I’m not kidding when I say that I got a response from almost every single one of them within just a few days.

Turns out landing the right job isn’t a numbers game. It’s a personalization game. It’s a creative game. It’s a who wants it the most and is willing to present their value for the role right away game. That’s what I did and I got immediate interviews. I landed my dream job working for a company that uses cutting-edge technology to connect the right talent with the right companies. My biggest pain point. Now I was working to mend it. All it took was making some personalized connections and showing my passion and value in that very first impression. But, I still knew there had to be an easier way. A platform that relentlessly focused on this kind of approach to landing a job or mapping out a career journey. Something uniquely built to mend this universal pain for every candidate in the world.


The solution to our biggest pain point as candidates

Accenture’s former Global Head of Recruiting predicts that “resumes will vanish”. She says, “resumes are analogue in a digital world.” In lieu of resumes, technology will allow recruiters to pick up on more behavioral signals from candidates about their skills, competencies, passions, traits, and career interests. Making it easier to pair great talent with roles that they can excel in. In the future, with these signals, we’ll be able to know who is the right person, at the right time, for the right job — no application required.”

No more five-page applications? No more submit and pray mentality? No more employers calling every shot and dictating my future? Yes, please.

For the candidates that are feeling exhausted, rejected, frustrated, and undervalued, I was there and I have awesome news for you. In fact, I have a new platform designed intrinsically for you. A new statistic was just released by the Labor of Bureau Statistics revealing that 2018 is the first year since 2000 that we’ve hit the record low for unemployment in America, meaning there are more job openings than there are candidates to fill them. Guess what that means? Employers don’t just want you — they NEED you. You’re not just one of many that recruiters and employers couldn’t care less about. They’re desperate for you and your talent and they’re ready to fight for you. Which means…you’re in the driver’s seat now. Finally. Say goodbye to those weeks, months, or even years of exhausting job searches where you hear absolutely nothing back or have zero quality leads. You’re leading the process now.

Dream with me for a minute. What if YOU got to decide what your career path looked like? What if you had your pick at your dream jobs and knew exactly what it took to land them? You were actually able to view suggested skills you needed to learn, recommended jobs you should pursue, and an example path you could take to get you there. You would never have to sit and wonder if employers were viewing your resume — you were updated in real-time how they were engaging with your digital profile and if they were interested in you. You got to control their perception of you. They weren’t reading facts about you on your resume then looking you up on social media to find out more. You presented EVERYTHING they needed to know right away, tailored to each specific job. They had to do less work, and you got to present your best self, your genuine self, instantly — with no application.


Quick sanity check

Soft skills and culture fit are becoming just as important to employers as technical skills and subject matter expertise. Why would I not want to include those in their initial impression of me? I have to if I want to stand out. My LinkedIn profile is just as generic as Joe Shmoe’s next to me. My resume (although pretty well-written) is straight-up boring and only lists a few things about my experience and me. Neither of those really portrays who I am, my passion for what I do, and what I want to accomplish in the future.

I need a professional profile that presents my personality, my skills, my experience, my value, my potential, my goals, my accomplishments, and my passions all within one glance from an employer. It needs to be pretty, easy-to-read, unique, and should truly encompass who I am as a human being and professional in my craft. Something that makes employers and recruiters take their short attention spans and flip them on their head. Something that makes them think, “Damn, she’s impressive.” That’d be the jackpot and golden ticket to fueling the flame that leads to my dream job and career path. A path that I can lead instead of the other way around. 

Finally, candidates have the power to call the shots. To control their futures. To create a true representation of who they are and what they’re looking for. A professional profile that they’re actually proud to share. (Que dance music).    

Why it matters to us

The new candidate-facing platform, MyStars, was created by the thought-leaders who brought you Arya and Leoforce.

“Our entire company has been built on meeting and mending the pains associated with matching people to the right jobs at the right companies. First, we tackled the problems of everyday recruiters with our A.I. and intelligent sourcing platform, Arya. Next up, we’re honing in on the candidate experience. It’s their time. We’ve all been there. We all know how it feels to be sidestepped and undervalued during one of the most important stages of our lives: our job search and career path journey.

At Leoforce, our passion for people, love for technology, and dedication to innovation have presented us with a relentless goal to create this game-changing story for people all over the world who want to feel in control of their future. Now, they can finally be the hero of the story. Resumes are dead. It’s the digital age. Our digital footprints, personal and professional, are all over the web. We’re helping candidates bring it all together in the right way, at the right time, to present the very best of themselves to the right people. Just like they say in business, “if you’re not innovating, you’re dying.” That includes candidates. We couldn’t feel more proud to be a part of their journey and help them get exactly where they deserve to be with the next revolution of defining their own career potential. The architect of their own stars. Mystars.”

– Madhu Modugu, CEO, and Founder


Here’s what MyStars helps you do perfectly and efficiently:

Tell a story

Everyone has a story to tell. A story that makes them who they are. A story that other human beings can relate to and empathize with. Recruiters and employers are human first, which means they’re story-driven. Give them a story that inspires them instantly. One that they can envision and feel. One that they can relate to their company and mission. A paper resume just doesn’t do the trick. A LinkedIn profile doesn’t explore who you are outside of your skills and experience. You need to present a story worth listening to. An opportunity for perfect, professional, personal branding catered to each employer and each job that you customize your digital profile for. A live resume that goes where you go and can be edited in real time. That’s something that no one has been able to do well, ever. And now it’s free and ready to turn the job search process on its head.


Control your future

A lot of times when we think about our future, we think our dream jobs or careers live on a different planet. Like it’s nice to dream and all, but it’s never going to happen for us unless we hit the jackpot or have the best damn luck in the world. We just don’t know the right people to get us connected or we don’t have the time to research what we’d be best at or we don’t even have the patience to research and apply to multiple places at once and really land a job we love. So we settle for a job we don’t love, at a place we don’t like, and with people we don’t align with.

I’ve got news for you, sweetheart. If there was ever a time in the history of humankind where individuals defined their futures and sat in the driver’s seat in leading themselves to success, we’re in the prime. Limitations are dwindling. Blind hiring is fading. Luck is for the birds. We have more freedom in our job search and career path now than we really ever dreamed we would or could have. Personalization is winning the war for hiring the best talent. Candidates are leading their own revolution. And employers are at our service, ready and willing to fight to get us and keep us on their teams to make a dent in the universe, someway, somehow.

Times have changed. And so has the potential you never thought you’d get to pursue. Now’s your time.


Protect your most important data

We’re living in a low trust environment where people are concerned about what you do with their personal information (hence Facebook fiasco). We’re always nervous that there’s some hidden agenda and others are using our data and activity for their own personal gain. Even when it comes to job-hunting. We’re hesitant to put our information out in the public because we don’t want our current employers to see, random recruiters to contact us about unrelated opportunities, or our information to be skewed in a way where we aren’t in control of the impression we leave.

It’s time to stop running scared when it comes to finding the right job and career. Sharing your data should be completely up to you and under your control. Mystars allows you to decide who sees it, when they see it, and for how long they get to see it. Not the other way around. No one is able to use your own data for their personal gain. You get to leverage it in the right ways and for the right reasons — to connect with the right people and to land the job of your dreams.

Your most important information is always protected and you’re always in control of where it goes.


Customize and share with the right people

Getting your resume in front of the right people is half the battle. You don’t necessarily know who’s on the other end and what they’re even looking at on your resume. What are they looking for? How do I get my resume to the right people and give them exactly what they want in a professional profile?

Here are a few easy steps:

  1. Make the right connections and pursue those relationships relentlessly 
  2. Customize your digital profile to specific employers and for specific positions
  3. Share your live resume and track engagement

Get it in the right hands.

Give them customized information about you and how your previous experience, skills, and personality traits would make you a badass candidate for this specific role.

Share your customized profile with them directly through a resume app that tracks their engagement with your profile in real-time to be in the know every step of the way.


Go mobile or die tryin’

According to Pew Research, the majority of searchers use their smartphone to find a job opening; 78% of millennials, 73% of Generation X and more than 57% of boomers are looking for work on the small screen.

We obviously use mobile to job search, but we even use mobile to edit our professional platforms, too. Now we can use mobile to create a professional and customized profile in just mere minutes through a smart and personalized resume app, created even for people who are on the go.

If you don’t live under a rock, you know that mobile is the name of the game. The best ideas don’t come when we sit down in an office and shut out the world (if they do, that’s rare). Most of our best ideas come in the midst of real-life moments. They come in the inconvenient times where you don’t have a spare moment to whip out a laptop and document your thoughts or ideas. Mystars was created with high-energy creatives in mind who want to update and share their professional profile on the fly or document moments in real-time.

Stop sending multiple word documents with resume changes. Now you can create a digital profile that updates in real-time through a live resume app that goes wherever you go and refreshes instantaneously.

If I meet an awesome professional connection on a plane or a train or at a ball game and want to follow up immediately, I can send them everything they need in a matter of seconds. If I send it and then think of another change I want to make, they only see the latest and freshest copy.

We thrive in the unintentional and carefree moments of life where true ideas, recollections, and inspiration live. So, that’s where our professional profiles should live. ON THE GO. 24/7.  With no limits and no boundaries.

At the end of the day

When it comes down to standing out in a sea of applicants, personalization wins. But, at the same time, candidates have to be mindful of protecting their data in a low-trust time. That’s why Mystars wins.

  1. Tell a story
  2. Control your career path
  3. Protect your most important data
  4. Share a live resume easily and quickly with the right people

And be on your way to a career that you defined. Not an employer. Not a recruiter. Not carma. YOU.

Architect your way to your dream job instead of letting other people define your future path. Candidates, the power is now yours. Now please, for the love of everything holy, celebrate this monumental day where no one calls the shots but you. We’re truly leading a new era in history. 

See what Mystars is all about and get started being the leader of your own career journey.