Welcome to the brand-new Arya blog! We hope to keep you up-to-date on our intelligent sourcing and recruiting tool, as well as foster conversations about the latest trends in the worlds of staffing, recruiting, technology and artificial intelligence. What better way to kick off our blog than with a post explaining what Arya is and what exactly Arya is capable of?

Meet Arya.

A combination of behavioral pattern recognition, predictive analytics and intelligent automation, Arya is a sourcing and recruiting tool unlike any other. Arya’s patent-pending technology is web-based and integrates directly with the Oracle Taleo Cloud and other recruiting software, which means that you don’t have to change the way you work—Arya lives inside the recruiting software you already know and love.

So how does Arya work?

By integrating directly with the Oracle Taleo Cloud and other recruiting software, Arya uses your job description and previously successful hiring patterns to search for qualified candidates in your database and in online job boards. Next, Arya automatically reaches out to sourced candidates to gauge their interest in the position and then brings them back into your candidate pipeline. From here, the recruiter can begin building relationships with candidates that are highly qualified and interested in the opportunity.

Throughout the whole sourcing and recruiting process, Arya constantly tracks the practices that bring your recruiters successful hires. By analyzing this data, Arya is able to discern which potential candidates will more likely be a successful hire. Arya stores all of the data it collects, which means that recruiters’ knowledge and best practices will always be retained with your company.

What else can Arya do?

Your Arya experience can be enhanced with a number of add-ons. For example, Social Arya is a recruiting tool that brings predictive automation into the world of social media in order to find passive candidates. Our one-click job publishing tool allows recruiters to quickly post a job to multiple sites at once, and our interactive career portal drives candidate engagement and enables recruiters to begin building candidate relationships prior to their first call.


Thanks for visiting the newly created Arya blog! Want more information about our revolutionary recruiting tool? Head back to our website to learn more, or request a demo to see Arya in action. We look forward to discussing the staffing and tech industries with you, and we are excited to share the power of Arya.

Until next time,

–Team Arya

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  • Sean says:

    Sounds like Talent Analytics is making a big push in 2015! When will you have more hooks into other ATS?

    • Christina Boodée says:

      Hey Sean! Arya is capable of integrating with all applicant tracking systems and talent management software that provide open API access, so we are quickly expanding our list of integrations. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any more questions!

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