Artificial Intelligence (AI) disrupted our markets a decade ago, and when it was new, industries and businesses were reluctant to use it for fear of the unknown. After the dawn of AI in recruiting, its use has streamlined the high-volume, repetitive recruiting tasks and positioned itself as the future of talent acquisition.

Today, we see AI everywhere, from coffee makers to seismographs. Healthcare, for example, would be handicapped without AI advances in the medical field, and so would many branches of science.
Artificial Intelligence has delivered efficiencies and insights that have changed the world for the better. AI can amplify human intelligence, the foundation of everything we admire about civilization, and made it easier for us to address tomorrow’s and today’s problems.

Since 2003, Leoforce has pioneered AI-assisted recruiting with the Arya platform, matching hundreds of millions of candidate profiles to specific job requirements. In fact, we have now gone beyond traditional AI to deliver People Intelligence, which derives even deeper insights into candidates from their entire job history, resulting in even more precise targeting of the best candidates. The result is that recruiters and hiring managers can consider better-screened candidates for less time and expense.

Here is how Arya AI and People Intelligence have transformed the hiring process:

  1. Arya gives you candidates that better-fit skill sets and experience with results that you can easily see and interpret.
  2. Many wasted hours are eliminated because the most challenging part, finding and qualifying the right candidates, is taken care of.
  3. The power and control are with the recruiter or the hiring manager as, as they use their human intelligence to decide who to choose to take forward.
  4. Specific location hiring becomes much more straightforward than just keyword matching.
  5. A candidate can look fantastic, but are they ready to interview and change jobs? Arya People Intelligence can help identify those most likely to consider making a career move.

Let’s debunk some of the myths around AI and recruiting!

Myth: AI will replace people.
Fact: We all have heard this so often about robots taking over the world and putting an end to our jobs. In fact, AI automates data analysis and allows recruiters and hiring managers to do what they do best: grow the business and nurture its top talent strategically. Data scientists develop Artificial Intelligence to make a job more efficient and smart, but what truly increases efficiency is people who understand how to use the insights AI delivers. So, it’s always going to be People and; AI. What is AI without People Intelligence?

Myth: AI and machine learning (ML) are the same
Fact: ML is only a part of AI. ML enables systems to recognize patterns in data and suggest better algorithms for superior results. In comparison, AI is an advanced analysis and studies ways to build intelligent programs and machines that can help people more creatively solve problems. AI can augment human efforts by creating more value.

Myth: AI is supposed to learn on its own.
Fact: ML and AI are programs run by scientists to derive sequences out of actions. However, they cannot be objective on their own and will always require human interpretation.

Myth: AI is not essential for hiring.
Fact: This is a colossal misconception too. AI so efficiently takes care of sourcing and giving you a dream list of candidates. Imagine the number of hours saved searching multiple sites and sifting through resumes? With AI automating all that, you have more time to spend on candidate engagement.

Myth: Investing in AI is an extra cost.
Fact: AI can more than pay back any investment, with greater staff efficiency and more precise, more responsive sourcing.

AI for Recruiting
AI-assisted recruiting enables you to source, find and connect with the candidate quickly. It gives you more time to build relationships with suitable candidates and identify the talent that best fits your needs for culture alignment, hard skills, and soft skills. It also gives the recruiter more time to plan business growth and retain current talent.

AI, and the more refined Arya People Intelligence, can be a powerful tool to increase the impact of your human intelligence by driving efficiency in recruitment. You can make a data-driven decision within hours, avoiding the inevitable errors and biases that can get in the way of finding the best-fit candidate.

A powerful AI that aligns with your hiring goals!

Talent sourcing is an essential part of small business operations. By embracing AI solutions’ power, you can give this process the attention to detail it deserves without letting other priorities slip through the cracks.

Discover how AI can quickly streamline your recruiting and hiring process, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

Author Vidya Tanikella

Vidya was born and raised in a beautiful mangrove-filled coastal region of India. A writer by day and reader by night, she enjoys storytelling and coaching. Her professional mission is to build clear communications that help businesses choose better solutions and elevate their success. Avid-DIYer, social worker, urban gardener, wife, and mom of two, she likes spending time with her kids doing what they love.

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