Let’s be honest, you probably have some of the best recruiters in the world on your recruiting team. They’re experienced, diversified, understanding, empathetic, transparent, and knowledgeable. They might even be located all across the globe, placing candidates in every industry and location you could imagine. Describe them in one word? Badass.

Recruiters understand the pressure companies are under to find great leaders in order to grow an organization and make it stand out. They combine their deep knowledge of the industry and innovative recruiting methods to find the best talent faster than the competition.

Most big organizations are known for being the best of the best, and small firms are looking for a competitive edge, but all firms share a common goal: to duplicate these badass recruiters. But, how? Can they learn from each other? Can their leaders learn from them? Are best practices shared and implemented across the team to consistently get great hires and replicate success?  

Most of the time, the answer is no. Or, you have a few “best practices”, but there’s no way to really share knowledge and successful trends across the board and implement them quickly. That is…until now.

Make data-driven hiring decisions

Artificial Intelligence in talent acquisition works to:

  • Track hiring trends and successful patterns   
  • Combine meaning and insight from multiple data sources
  • Produce data-driven decisions
  • Provide an intelligent ecosystem for your team

Attracting top talent can be time-consuming, costly, and complex. A.I. gathers the intel from each successful hire and harnesses it for your recruiting team — providing an intelligent ecosystem to study and gain insight from. Become assured that you are selecting the right candidate with the right skills, qualifications and values for the job, as well as compensating them appropriately.

Many organizations have recruiters all over the world, making it hard to all be on the same page. A.I. improves visibility into how your organization has hired efficiently in the past and provides insight to duplicate those successful hires in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is paving a way for organizations to gain traction because of shared resources, intel, and the results of data-driven decisions.  Businesses are using these analytics to measure and improve talent acquisition.

Create alignment

One of the biggest pains of recruitment organizations is creating alignment between the C-suite, hiring managers, and the talent acquisition team. A.I. enables companies to track hiring trends, predict the most successful candidate, and share information and analytics quickly and objectively to align these three people groups.

As I’m sure you already know, the role of a recruiter is transforming. Instead of placing candidates as fast as you can, without much data to backup your placement, Artificial Intelligence is allowing data-driven decisions to be made and “talent advising” to be on the forefront of a recruiter’s mind. With accessibility to uncover trends, relevant and personal data, and unbiased insight, recruiters are becoming empowered to make quick, thoughtful hiring decisions while advising and guiding candidates and companies to make the most impact. Instead of focusing the majority of their time on transactional processes, recruiters will be able to focus on building personal connections. The “bigger picture” is now in the hands of recruiters. And there’s a lot to be done with that power at your fingertips.

A.I. is no longer a “nice to have”

You may be sitting there thinking, “my organization does pretty well. We don’t need / don’t have the time to implement / don’t have the resources to incorporate A.I. into our recruitment strategy”. You may be right. You may not have the time, resources, or energy to make A.I. a priority. There’s one problem with that statement. Your competitor might. Any stall in your process can cause you to lose a potentially great hire — that’s why unsiloing your data and leveraging A.I. is so crucial. You can’t afford to stall. The future of your business relies on the actions you take today.

A recent study from Visier, a provider of Workforce Intelligence, has found that 59.9% of businesses using big data technology deploy A.I. That number is steadily growing. It’s unleashing a new level of human productivity and creativity — leading recruiting organizations to find the best talent faster than the competition. That’s something companies desperately need to stay relevant. And sharing this fateful information throughout their entire organization will be the key to making successful data-driven decisions that produce impactful results.

So, let’s get back to the critical question. Can we replicate our badass recruiters and share their recruiting knowledge? 100%. It’s time to deploy an A.I. solution and begin to build a team of badass recruiters that are collectively placing the right candidates at the right organizations.

Author Abby Carter

Abby Carter // Tech Storyteller

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