Recruiters everywhere want to do work that matters. Work that encompasses their wide array of skills – skills that can attribute to a candidate’s job placement and a company’s overall success. Why? Because it’s a big deal. So big that recruiters can make a lasting difference on the economy, which means they literally have the potential to change the world.

They can change the world not because of their exceptional ability to sift through countless piles of resumes, or their skillfulness in searching job boards and analyzing data, they make a difference when putting their emotional intelligence into play – when engaging with candidates, building relationships, and placing high-quality talent that go on to lead a company to greatness. This is where recruiting potential lies – in our human nature.

But, how can recruiters and staffing agencies expand their reach to highlight this greatness instead of getting bogged down in daily administrative tasks?

As I was scanning through LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, a recently published article named, “Robots and Recruiters: What the Future Could Hold”, stuck out to me. The first sentence of this article reads, “Attention recruiters: the robots are coming.” The article provides great insight from key influencers concerning the future of AI in recruiting, but I would have to flip that first sentence around a little bit. Instead, I would write, “Attention recruiters: the robots aren’t coming – they are already here, which would, in turn, highlight the relevancy of each concept the article begins to explore.

Artificial Intelligence or AI isn’t the most exciting term to recruiters. It’s scary. It sounds like we’re getting replaced by robots. In fact, you have probably read countless articles listing each job that will be taken over by robots in the next 10 years, and recruiting always seems to be included.

But, what if there was a movement designed to make recruiters more efficient, businesses more profitable, and left candidates highly satisfied?

What if there was an opportunity for recruiters to simplify processes, perfect shortcomings, and close more reqs?

And what if this movement could free recruiters and staffing agencies of the daily pains of their job, enabling them to invest in what truly matters – relationships.

Would you embrace it or would you ignore it?

It’s called the AI Revolution and it has irrevocably changed the world of recruiting as we know it.

I’m going to walk you through five key reasons why recruiters should embrace AI and not flee from it. The robots aren’t here to take over your job; they’re here to make your job easier. Trust me, you’ll want to hear how:

  1. Improves recruiter efficiency

How many cumbersome and menial tasks do recruiters face on a daily basis? Tasks that take way too much time and way too little creativity. Probably some of the tasks I mentioned earlier: sifting through resumes, searching job boards, creating reports and analyzing an overabundance of data. Let’s be honest, sourcing has become a major pain point for recruiters. 

AI rids recruiters of these timely commitments, learning a recruiter’s most successful patterns and replicating them. What does this achieve? A higher quality candidate pool…fast! No longer are recruiters spending the majority of their time trying to find the diamond in the rough, they are instantly provided with several diamonds – diamonds that AI has proven to match your successful sourcing and selection patterns. (AI has essentially learned from the recruiter’s example). Your pipeline will be filled with your ideal candidate. Just as CA Technologies quotes, “Recruiters won’t be used to discover the talentthey’ll be deciding if candidates identified by AI are a good fit for the company’s corporate culture.

Not only does AI create an efficient sourcing process, AI can initially engage with a prospect to detect their interest level, saving the recruiter a future step. This gets the ball rolling and provides the recruiter with a deeper knowledge of the candidate before beginning the relationship-building process.

Side note: AI also removes any inherent biases found throughout the sourcing and selection process, giving Hiring Managers and Recruiting Directors a little piece of mind.

  1. Provides a Digital Personal Assistant 

Just as tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple have developed digital personal assistants, the recruiting industry has inherited a similar clone – a digital personal assistant created to empower the recruiter.

Having this assistance allows recruiters to skip the cumbersome tasks, work on multiple jobs at once, and not only be provided with an enormous amount of talent, but the right kind of candidate – the kind that fits the mold you imagined – the one that will excel at the job. Your assistant doesn’t just perform menial tasks, she recommends meaningful actions, establishing successful recruiting patterns to identify ideal candidates.

So, the picture you had in your head of the ‘robot’ replacing you should be transformed into a personal assistant, one who makes your job easier and more effective without sacrificing quality.

  1. Unlocks your recruiting potential

What does every recruiter want more of? Time. Guess what? Now, you can have it. More time to make a difference in the lives of others and more opportunities to impact companies and increase closed reqs. AI frees recruiters of menial tasks, unleashing creativity that wasn’t being fully optimized. This creativity can build confidence and excitement for their work.

Once you understand AI and become aware of the bandwidth it provides, you can begin to utilize and leverage that extra bandwidth – bandwidth that allows recruiters to focus on relationship-building and closing reqs. Just as HR guru Sharlyn Lauby said, “when you automate the right tasks, then it frees up time to do the in-person ones better.” When recruiters are excited about their work, they are dedicated to making it successful.

  1. Humanizes candidates experience

Remember, emotional intelligence isn’t replaced by artificial intelligence in recruiting – emotional intelligence remains irreplaceable. AI empowers recruiters to humanize the recruiting process and the candidate’s experience. Yes, artificial intelligence in recruiting is being leveraged for humans to focus on humans. Who would’ve thought?

Just as Rob McIntosh, an Analyst at ERE, reminds us, “Recruiting is meant to be a people business.”

Recruiters can focus on engagement, building relationships and making a lasting difference for others – putting emotional intelligence to full use. As recruiters direct their focus to building trust and strengthening relationships with candidates, candidates respond positively. According to the ASA Workforce Monitor, Three in four (77%) candidates actually prefer human interaction when searching for a job. Candidates want to feel valued and appreciated – like their time and their future mean something to somebody. AI allows this to be a top priority and no longer a time constraint barrier.

  1. Directs your focus on building revenue

The loss of potential revenue hangs in the balance by not identifying the right candidate at the right time.

According to a study performed by TalentDrive, the average recruiter spends 40-60% of their workday searching for new candidates, rather than engaging with initially qualified and interested candidates. Envision the potential revenue possibilities when AI is supporting recruiting. You’re reducing the overall cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, you’re focusing on building candidate relationships which increases conversion rates, and all in all, you are becoming more competitive in the workplace.

Or look at it like this – by saving on sourcing time, you are saving money by capitalizing on more efficient tools and processes, which lead to more opportunities to engage, more opportunities to engage means placing more talent, placing more talent means more revenue for your business.

Final thoughts

I hope by walking you through these five powerful reasons to embrace AI, you have begun to understand that AI essentially augments what recruiters can do, enhancing their reach and efficiency, it doesn’t replace them. Just as Katrina Kibben at Recruiting Daily reminds us, “no machine can ever account for the complexities of human emotion and behavior.”

Recruiters are too valuable to not be recognized for their life-changing skills and abilities. As mentioned in Business Insider, “recruiters can be forces of nature and be the people who are going to help businesses grow and scale past their existing limitations.”

The world is changing – technology is transforming it, enabling individuals to become more advanced, sophisticated, and actionable. Recruiters have been offered an opportunity to enhance their greatness, touching more lives and growing more companies through the assistance AI offers.

The question is…will you embrace it?


Author Abby Carter

Abby Carter // Tech Storyteller

Like most people who gravitate toward writing, Abby has a love for helping people. She takes pride in bridging the gap between people and technology, and enabling others to make sense of the two working together for a greater impact. You’ll catch Abby around town at a local brewery, enjoying the outdoors with her German Shepherd, or cuddled up on the couch with a glass of wine and her latest new read.

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