Here’s a story of a valued candidate experience and quick hiring success that I was able to witness, firsthand…

“Within an hour of opening the position, my inbox was full of candidates who were interested in the role.”

– Justin Turner, National Sales Director, Leoforce

That’s every recruiter and hiring manager’s dream. A populated pipeline with top talent interested in and excited about the role. Accomplished in less than one hour’s time.

Leoforce, our A.I. recruiting company located in one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the U.S., develops artificial intelligence solutions for recruiting, and we are best known for our flagship product, Arya.  Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is expected to surge toward a $47 billion dollar industry by 2020. Strong demand for and investment in A.I. for talent acquisition is fueling our growth.

Our clients are our #1 priority so bringing in the right person to lead the client success team was strategically important to our business.  Justin Turner, the hiring manager, used the search process to walk a mile in a client’s shoes and was blown away by the experience.

Here are three avenues we used to recruit and hire a world-class HR technology leader within a two-week span:
  1. Efficient technology
  2. Relevant communications (personalized email)
  3. Dedication to a quick and candidate-centric hiring process

82 percent of candidates report that the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix of innovative tech and personal, human interaction.

They want interactive and best-of-breed technology, but also a human being who’s ready to take the reigns.

According to RPO giant, PeopleScout, A.I. identifies strong active and passive candidates within seconds of an open job requisition and is seeping into every other crevice of the hiring process to make recruiters and the hiring process more efficient and effective.

A.I. is allowing recruiters to be more efficient while freeing their time for more hands-on and people-centric tasks (exactly the right mix of what candidates desire).

“As soon as we had an opening on our team, I went straight to the drawing board to find a good fit for the position through Arya. After uploading the job description, Arya found me 100 candidates in about half an hour. I shortlisted a bunch, ignored a few, and Arya’s new results found me 63 quality candidates. Arya also found contact information on 60 of the 63 candidates. I put each candidate into an email template and emailed 60 high-quality candidates about the opportunity. I received 38 opens and 15 replies in a matter of one day”, says hiring manager, Justin Turner.

“Arya found, Adele Hawkins, a successful HR technology leader that centered around building client success wherever she’s worked. I didn’t even mention that we were an HR technology company in the job description. That just shows me that Arya is constantly learning and mining the open web for quality and relevant information, even if I don’t manually tell it to. It’s a true machine learning tool that gets smarter over time.”

People crave authenticity.

We’ve parted from the “post and pray” notion. Recruiters aren’t sitting back in their seats waiting for a flood of qualified applicants. They’re expected to seek out candidates that will be difference-makers in their positions. Selling the position to them, not the other way around.

That means, recruiting and hiring bullsh** should be behind you.

Don’t try to sell candidates on a completely irrelevant job or opportunity.

Pay attention. Individuals want to feel valued, understood, and heard.

They don’t want an inmail about a job that has nothing to do with their career or you risk immediately becoming irrelevant and losing all credibility in their eyes.

Harsh, but reality.

A salesperson wouldn’t call an irrelevant prospect. They call individuals that can benefit from their product or service and, eventually, become an asset to them in return.

Candidates have new expectations. They want a quick, seamless, and personal experience when searching or being recruited for a job. They don’t want to be interrupted by irrelevant job opportunities. They’ll only listen if it’s valuable to them. They want to be well-informed and engaged throughout your communications. They want their questions answered – quickly (remember, we live in a society that craves instant gratification).

We’ve entered a new age of recruiting – an age where candidates have all the power. We can’t afford to send irrelevant messages in hopes that it will resonate with one potential candidate. Not anymore. Not when candidate experience reigns most imperative to reputation and conversion rates.

Recruiting leaders, take a minute to map out your messaging strategy. Your technology strategy. And your dedication to creating a candidate-centric hiring process that your organization can be proud of.

After Leoforce hired Adele to fill the new Associate Director of Client Success role, we sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her hiring experience with Arya.


  1. Tell me a little bit about your experience in HR – how you got into the field, what you enjoy most about the industry, the impact and future you think lies ahead.


I have headed up support and client success for HR and payroll software companies since 2008. I’ve seen many changes in the industry over the years and now is the most exciting time to be involved when a product like Arya is utilizing A.I technology that is available to internal and external recruiters.

  1. Being involved in client success and management, tell me about your passion for people — training them, developing them, coaching them, and delighting them along their journey.

My personal ambition and goals have always been dependent on making my team members successful. Everyone has different motivation and drive and I am passionate about making my team become the best they can as this, in turn, ensures the customer is getting the best service possible and our company is, ultimately, having an edge over the competition.

  1. How was the position at Leoforce a great fit for you? What excited you most about the role and the company?

The company is ready to move to the next level and excel at client success and support. Everything I learned about what Leoforce is trying to achieve perfectly aligns with my values and past experience. The recruiting guidelines that Leoforce stands for are so essential to making quality hires that will have long-term affects on companies and our clients. From day one, I was able to hit the ground running in developing the client success and support teams to be scalable and exceptional. It’s exciting to be encouraged to make improvements for our clients without red tape.

  1. When you first received an email from Justin regarding an open position, what were your initial thoughts? What did you think about the speed and quality of the hiring process? What was your impression of your hiring experience overall?

I had no idea the email was a template from Arya! Talking to Justin in person, it was obvious we had a mutual vision for the ideal client success and support teams. He was incredibly candid and passionate about finding the best fit for the position and believing that I could be a valuable asset to the team. Experiencing the atmosphere in the office along with my interviews with the senior leaders of the company, I knew I was the right person for the right role in the right company. It was incredible to me how fit I seemed for this role and company and how fast they were able to find me and get the process rolling. I never had to wonder where I stood, I was always informed and reassured about what they were thinking. Honesty and vulnerability are two things I admire most and that’s exactly what the hiring process through Arya and with Leoforce represented. It took two weeks from the email Justin sent me to my first day on the job. It’s been everything I hoped it would be and more.

Adele wanted a relevant opportunity that was unique to her. Nothing less. She wanted an easy and quick process that made her feel valued and like she was speaking to a real human being, someone who wanted to have ongoing conversations with her.

That’s exactly what she got with Arya.

  1. Relevant messaging through a templated personal email

  2. A unique mix of technology and human interaction through automation and personalized messaging

  3. A quick and candidate-centric hiring process by contacting Adele immediately and proactively beginning the interview process

Two weeks. Three interviews. One new placement. One new career path. A whole new future.

Because of simple recruiting guidelines that we live by and won’t compromise on.

We’re so excited to have Adele on board and are even more thrilled that we’re seeing the success of our product, right before our eyes, with the incredibly talented people that Arya has helped us hire.

Recruiting successfully changes people’s lives. You’re giving them hope, meaning, and security. Don’t cut corners in your strategy and execution. Do it right the first time. The way they expect it. That’s the only way your team will survive recruiting in this age.

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