Effectively reach the talent you want

Leverage your knowledge. Personalize your interactions. Place the best candidates.

Finding the right fit takes time. And now you have it.

By leveraging the time freed up by automation, recruiters can not only do their job faster — they can do their job better — finding the candidates that will make the greatest impact.

Identify the best talent

Automate successful searches to identify quality candidates and immediately engage with them.

Increase your hire ratio

Invest in candidates fit for the job — reducing time-to-fill and increasing quality-of-hire.

Eliminate human bias

Remove unconscious bias with an automated unbiased dataset.

Build your recruiting intelligence

Learn and retain successful sourcing and recruiting patterns.

Data tells a story.

By analyzing resumes, profiles, and information on the web, data uncovers candidates’ stories — creating an understanding of their background to their tenure at different jobs to the growth in the companies they have worked for. Each piece of data aligns to relay valuable insight into the characteristics, qualities, performance, and skills of a candidate.

Arya delivers it.

By analyzing commonalities drawn from this data, Arya is able to identify talent movement and hiring trends — producing actionable and meaningful insight for recruiters. By delivering this information in a matter of minutes — Arya gives recruiters deeper intel into who someone is before they even begin the recruiting process — leading them to discover the right fit quicker.

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