Arya Quantum: Unlock the universe of talent with our intelligent recruiting software

Arya Quantum automates the boring parts of recruiting and unleashes your team’s People Intelligence:

Target ideal candidates faster
Recruit more diverse candidates
Engage more deeply with prospects
Deliver more value to your business

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Sourcing the right talent for those hard-to-fill-roles

Optimize your recruiting efficiency with
data-driven AI

Arya uses machine learning to identify successful sourcing patterns and draws potential candidates out of millions of online profiles by applying these successful patterns to your existing resume database and beyond.
ai pattern

Source smarter today than you did yesterday

As a machine learning tool, Arya gets smarter over time by learning what works best for you, pivoting your sourcing strategy toward gold-star candidates and hires that better meet your objectives.
Candidate Profile
single list

Review your top candidates in one simple list

Arya delivers one stack-ranked list of top candidates from multiple sources. You spend less time searching and monitoring multiple job sources and more time engaging with promising talent.

Diversity recruiting

With Arya, diversity options are built in


Source more diverse talent right out of the box

Arya helps your organization meet its individual diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals, with no-cost options to fine-tune your diversity goals. There’s no need to pay for specialty job boards, complicate your workflows, or invest in new technology.

Identity masking reduces unconscious recruiter bias

As an option, Arya can mask identifying candidate data during the sourcing phase, so recruiters can evaluate candidates on the skills and experience that really matter.

Target your own diversity goals

Fine-tune your DEI strategy with our no-cost diversity options. You can ask Arya to promote candidates in the pipeline who are likely to be members of specific protected classes (gender, ethnicity, or veteran status).


Candidate engagement that creates endless impact

Meet candidates where they want to connect

Meet candidates where they are, through talk, text, email or chatbot. Arya empowers you to manage all your candidate communications through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Engage with talent that’s ready to move

Stop engaging with candidates who aren’t interested. Arya mines 30+ professional and industry average datasets using behavior pattern recognition to target and gauge a candidate’s likeliness to move and then highlight those likely movers in your pipeline.
pattern recognition

A positive candidate experience at every touchpoint

Candidates want their experiences to be personalized. Not only does Arya automatically engage with candidates on your behalf, but the platform will send personal follow-ups, answer questions, and schedule interviews behind the scenes in real-time.


Insights you can depend on, driven by
Arya People Intelligence

Connect short-term hiring needs with long-term business goals

Don’t let your successful hiring processes go to waste. Arya learns, tracks, and retains these hiring patterns and trends to feed Arya’s core intelligence and begin identifying ideal candidates for similar roles every time to build long-term recruiting strategies for your entire team.
Business Goals

Reduce bias with data from 100+ unique sources

Recruiters cut corners with unconscious bias-based hiring, which bleeds into unsuccessful diversity and equality initiatives. Arya aggregates relevant, real-time data from 100+ different diverse sources to identify top talent and connect the right candidates with the right companies.
Diverse Data

Use the most reliable recruiting insights available

Don’t worry about outdated information and tainted data. Arya monitors, refines, and tests each aggregated data point for fairness, accuracy, relevance, and data security on a consistent basis to provide the freshest and most reliable candidate, job, and industry data for your recruiting team in real-time.

Build a smarter recruiting experience with Arya

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Arya Quantum FAQ

What is Arya Quantum and what does it do?

Arya Quantum by Leoforce is a tool that helps recruiters in HR departments, recruiting process outsourcers (RPOs), and staffing agencies find and qualify better job candidates more efficiently. Using AI and machine learning, Arya Quantum sources and qualifies candidates from inside and outside the hiring company and aggregates all the best candidates into a single, easy-to-manage list.

How does Arya Quantum make a recruiter’s job easier?

Many recruiters spend all day searching, posting to, and monitoring multiple job candidate sources. Why can’t a recruiter just enter a job once and see results from all their job sources? Well, they can! Arya lets you enter your job info once and see results from all your job sources. With Arya Quantum, you see a single, de-duplicated, stack-ranked list of best-fit candidates matched to your specific jobs. Candidates can be sourced from your ATS, job board accounts, and our own proprietary pool of 700 million+ active and passive candidates across the globe.

Is Arya Quantum some kind of Artificial Intelligence robot that takes over hiring?

Absolutely not. AI software will never replace recruiters in the most critical parts of hiring. Arya Quantum is simply a tool uses AI to simplify and automate a lot of repetitive sourcing tasks. The result is that recruiters spend less time scrambling and more time doing what they do best: building relationships with promising talents and strategically growing the workforce.

I’ve used other AI recruiting before, and I wasn’t impressed.

We’re not surprised. Most AI recruiting systems honestly don’t give you very good results because all they’re doing is matching keywords in your job description with keywords in employee profiles. Candidates might look qualified on paper, but any human can see they’re not ready for the job. Also, some AI that tried to replicate the patterns of successful previous hires ended up also making the same mistakes the company made in the past, misinterpreting cultural nuances, reducing diversity, and institutionalizing bias.

So how does Arya Quantum AI help me source better job candidates?

The AI used by Arya is different because it goes far beyond traditional AI, which is often limited to keyword matching and the most superficial aspects of candidate profiles. Only Arya delivers People Intelligence, yielding deeper insights into candidates by analyzing the more complex patterns of a person’s entire career journey. We match these patterns to your specific job requirements to better pinpoint the right candidate, for the right job, at the right time in the candidate’s career. The focus is on finding the candidates most likely to succeed in your open job, not just on those who check all the boxes in your job description.

I already have an applicant tracking system (ATS). The last thing need is more technology!

We get it! A lot of technology just makes life more complicated. But Arya Quantum is designed to slip easily into your current recruiting workflow and seamlessly integrate with the ATS you’ve already invested in.

Candidate communications is a big challenge. Can Arya Quantum help?

Yes! The Connect feature within Arya lets you communicate with candidates through one simple, yet powerful interface. Its CRM-like capabilities deliver chatbot automation and one-to-one or one-to-many communication via email, text, and direct-dial. You can customize automated templates for drip campaigns and develop chatbot scripts for specific jobs. With real-time data including the number of emails sent, opened, unopened, and clicked, you can experiment with your communication strategy and determine what works best.

How much more efficient can the recruiting team become?

In one case study with a staffing agency, we measured the following improvements in the recruiting process:

  • Up to 50% lower sourcing costs
  • Up to 200% higher sourcing quality
  • Up to 80% increase in recruiter productivity
  • Up to 60% increase in recruiter hires