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Arya Platform

Hard to find talent made simple

Analyze your recruiting techniques with data-backed AI

Arya uses machine learning to identify successful sourcing patterns and draws potential candidates out of millions of online profiles by applying this algorithm to your existing resume database and beyond.
ai pattern

Source smarter today than you did yesterday

As a machine learning tool, Arya gets smarter from overtime use by implementing strategic feedback, and learned successes and failures to pivot your sourcing strategy toward gold-star candidates and long-term hires.
Candidate Profile

Preview your top candidates in one simple list

Arya pulls one candidate list together from multiple sources to begin engagement on one communication tool across multiple channels.
single list

Candidate engagement that creates endless impact

Meet candidates where they want to connect

Candidates want to be heard and they want you to come to them instead of the other way around. Arya uses engagement channels where candidates are actively engaging including email, text, chatbot, and call communications
Candidate Engagement

Engage with talent that’s ready to move

Stop engaging with candidates who aren’t interested. Arya mines 30+ professional and industry average datasets using behavior pattern recognition to target and gauge a candidate’s likeliness to move and then automatically begins a conversation about the relevant role.
pattern recognition

A positive candidate experience at every touchpoint

Candidates want their experiences to be personalized. Not only does Arya automatically engage with candidates on your behalf, but the platform will send personal follow-ups, answer questions, and schedule interviews behind the scenes in real-time.

Data you can depend on with Arya’s Artificial Intelligence Platform

Connect short-term hiring needs with long-term business goals

Don’t let your successful hiring processes go to waste. Arya learns, tracks, and retains these hiring patterns and trends to feed Arya’s core intelligence and begin identifying ideal candidates for similar roles every time to build long-term recruiting strategies for your entire team.
Business Goals

Reduce biased decisions with reliable and diverse data

Recruiters cut corners with unconscious bias-based hiring, which bleeds into unsuccessful diversity and equality initiatives. Arya aggregates relevant, real-time data from 100+ different diverse sources to identify top talent and connect the right candidates with the right companies.
Diverse Data

Use the freshest recruiting insights available

Don’t worry about outdated information and tainted data. Arya monitors, refines, and tests each aggregated data point for fairness, accuracy, relevance, and data security on a consistent basis to provide the freshest and most reliable candidate, job, and industry data for your recruiting team in real-time.

Build a smarter recruiting process with Arya

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