Intelligent recruitment-as-a-service, whenever you need it

Get access to top talent faster and hire quicker with Arya Pulse. Identify, engage, and onboard top talent with immediate access to:

Multiple, data-rich sourcing channels that you don’t have to pay for individually
Automated candidate engagement with interested talent, so you can avoid wasting time with unqualified talent
Recruiting resources and insight you didn’t have before that arms you with maximum recruiting power instantly
A hiring strategy that combines the perfect blend of AI and human intuition
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What’s unique about Arya Pulse?

Increased flexibility
Be agile in your recruiting and hire on-demand.

Access to top talent you’ve never had before
A pool of 700+ million active and passive candidates.

Qualified and engaged candidates
Reduce time spent on communicating with unqualified talent.

Fixed price model
Pay per job. That’s it.

No long-term contract
Use us when you need us.

We’re here to serve your recruiting needs. Contract-free.

Get the most out of your recruitment budget
Stop paying for ads and job board subscriptions that end up eating your budget and costing you time and energy that you can’t afford. Eliminate weeding through a giant pile of resumes to find qualified, engaged candidates ready to interview. Pay for access to top talent rather than per view, per application, or per click with no guarantee of quality.
Focus on personalized candidate engagement
Within seconds, you’ll be presented with a preview of potential job candidates. Access automated email campaigns, customized candidate communications, and keep track of the talent that is interview-ready. All at the touch of a button.
Recruitment-as-a-service approach
Don’t waste time reviewing resumes and profiles that aren’t a good fit. Avoid interviewing candidates that weren’t right for the role in the first place. We’ll work with your hiring needs and goals to target high quality candidates and immediately engage with them on your behalf.
Intelligent software at your fingertips
Sometimes we need a little help, especially with a recruiting strategy. Provide basic information about the role and your company and Arya Pulse does the rest. Bringing you high-quality candidates without the hassle of sifting through job boards, resumes, and unqualified talent.