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Arya Muse is the only Artificial Intelligence platform that helps you get the job you want now, while inspiring your journey along the career path of your dreams.


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It’s time to take control of your career

We now live in an AI-first world, which means that machines, not people, are either recommending or ignoring you for jobs. You probably didn’t even know that. AI recruiting tools save time otherwise spent sifting through resumes and improve an employer’s efficiency in placing the right people in the right roles. Why not put career-based AI to work for you?

Arya Muse can help you land your next role today, with career analytics and insights that ensure your professional profile stands out to both machines and humans. And the underlying intelligence will inspire the development of additional skills and experiences to guide your career well into the future.

The job application process is failing all of us

Recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds viewing your application. Here are some of the challenges the traditional resume is facing:

Often ignored

Due to high volume, many resumes are overlooked by machines and never given consideration.

No personality

If your resume makes it through the first stage of screening but lacks any personalization or unique characteristics, recruiters move on within seconds.

Generalized approach

Most resumes are created to fit a variety of roles, making them poorly targeted for a single specific job.

Too constrained

Proprietary projects or initiatives can’t typically be shared in your resume, robbing you of the opportunity to show your best work.

Incomplete portrayal

Your resume is a representation of your professional identity, but doesn’t lend itself well to sharing soft skills, goals, and aspirations.

Here’s how Arya Muse will help you:

Build your roadmap to success

  • Stay on track. Interactive AI tools will predict your career with multiple pathways and help you navigate toward your goal.
  • Know your competition. Industry analytics will show you where you stand compared to your competition with respect to salary, skills, and experience, then provide insights to amplify your impact.

Jump to the front of the line

  • Let AI work for you. Keyword, skills, and content recommendations will guide you to create a relevant profile that ensures both machines and humans will find and digest your information, consider it compelling, and move you to the top of search results.
  • You won’t leave out important information this time. AI insights and recommendations will advise you what to include, where to put it, and how to present it best.

Drive perception with a tailored approach

  • Create as many live profiles as you want, each customized for a specific job and enabled with real-time updates. Highlight the skills and experience most relevant for each role.
  • Share important facts, figures, personal information, and project details that give you an edge, but may not be appropriate to post publicly.

Share privately and track views

  • The worst thing about blindly submitting a resume is not knowing whether it’s being reviewed. We put the power in your hands. Share your profile with a recruiter or employer, then get notified in real-time when someone is engaging with your profile.
  • Sometimes it’s better to share our personal information and credentials with the right people in a strategic way, rather than publicly with the entire world. Securely protect your data by controlling who has access to it, and for how long.

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