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Arya identifies what makes a high-quality candidate through machine learning, big data, and behavioral pattern recognition.


Arya reaches out to these candidates through a personalized message to gauge their interest level.


Arya automatically brings the qualified, interested talent directly into your candidate pipeline.

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For recruiters, by recruiters

We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we designed this platform DNA with you in mind — integrating seamlessly with your current ATS.


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Recruiters’ number one priority is finding the best talent. We provide the data you need to get the business results you want.


Get the time you need to find the best fit

Stop cutting corners with culture fit. We’ll take care of the timely processes so you can focus on what candidates need: connection and relationships.

We were built with a vision to empower recruiters with AI technology.

We’re Arya, a recruiting technology company located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. We pride ourselves in providing an unbiased data-driven experience that humans are incapable of creating on their own — leading organizations to find the candidates that are the best fit — where talent will grow and companies will flourish.

Meet our founder.

After serving the IT and recruiting industry for 20+ years, Madhu realized there was something desperately missing from the recruiting space — the human touch. With a passion for A.I. and technology, Madhu zeroed in on this space and created Arya, an A.I. tool for recruiting — fueling the growth of the recruiter-candidate relationship to discover the right fit for organizations.

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