Intelligence-driven talent acquisition

Connecting you to candidates you’ll love with an AI recruiting platform that finds top talent faster.
Arya is now available in a variety of editions tailored to
meet the needs of large enterprises, mid-sized companies,
and small businesses.

Arya Pulse

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For companies with limited recruiting resources who need affordably-priced assistance

Low volume or infrequent hiring
Pay per job (options ranging from $199-$599)

Arya Quantum

Arya Quantum

For medium and large companies seeking to empower their recruiting pros with data-driven insights and analyses

High volume and steady hiring

Recruiting done right the first time

Arya positions you to uniquely combine the powerful benefits of AI without losing the importance of the human touch.
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Identify top talent faster than the competition

Use AI and machine learning techniques that learn from your team.

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Engage automatically with personalized messaging

Stop ghosting candidates and automatically engage with the ones who are interested.

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Build high-quality candidate pipelines that are ready to move

Blend predictive analytics and data-driven methods to create the best pipelines.

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Track successful hires and instantaneously search similar candidates

Track successes and failures and learn what kinds of candidates to look for.

Smarter sourcing paired with more personalized engagement

Source top-tier talent from over 50 professional social channels simultaneously

Work with one candidate list, multiple sources, one communication tool, and multiple channels.

Meet candidates where they want to engage

Create meaningful conversations that extend your presence by combining AI, email, text, and voice.

Do it all in one simple-to-use and intelligent platform

Use the one and only solution that combines AI sourcing with a comprehensive candidate engagement tool.

candidate list

Use your data in the right way

job intel
Make intelligence-driven decisions

Use a system that pulls fresh data consistently and retains and monitors every data point in one platform.

Support a unified recruiting ecosystem

Instead of each task and recruiter being siloed and separate from one another.

Increase productivity, recruiter satisfaction,
and personalized engagement

AI’s main initiative is to make you better and more informed at what you do by compiling the right data together.

Arya by the numbers

The talent market has never been so competitive. We pride ourselves in helping our clients find the right candidates at the right time.


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Watch a behind-the-scenes view of Arya

Learn how Arya’s AI identifies, engages, and retains talent like never before.

Who We Serve

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Firms

“With AI-enabled sourcing, we source strong and passive candidates within seconds of an open job requisition.”

– PeopleScout

Staffing and Recruiting Firms Worldwide

“Clients are referring to me as one of their favorite recruiters because of the candidates I’m bringing them.”

– Ecotalent, an executive search firm

Small Businesses, Corporations, and Organizations

All Sizes and Industries

“I’ve been a recruiter for over 20 years, so I’ve used every tool in the book. Arya is one platform that you can use to access so many different sources at once. And they’re all reliable.”

- Polaris Alpha, a Parsons Company

Companies growing with Arya

"Bias and diversity are incredibly important issues for recruiters. Arya’s powerful AI technology helps recruiters balance these issues by providing tools that help them discover diverse candidates without bias -- and without taking critical human judgment out of the equation."

Juan BenitoDirector of Product Management

"We are deeply committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in recruiting, starting with the diverse global team of Leoforce scientists and engineers who build our AI recruiting platform. Our collective goal is to bring an objective and diverse approach to recruiting, free of the subjective biases that, sadly, have limited individual achievement. We work consciously every day to eliminate bias, improve clarity, and secure personal data, bringing you only the freshest, most diverse candidates, selected by true People Intelligence."

Madhu ModuguFounder and CEO
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Our stance on bias in AI

Bias and diversity initiatives are no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for companies of all shapes and sizes. At Leoforce, we recognize the need for organizations to make data-backed hiring decisions and limit biases in their recruiting processes. That’s why we invest so heavily in intelligence-driven technology that continues to get smarter overtime, minimizing human bias and gut-feel reactions while accelerating diversity initiatives.

Combatting Bias in Machine Learning Algorithms: For Recruiting

Build a smarter recruiting process with Arya

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