Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Helping you build a competitive team.

Differentiate your team with AI

Build Intelligence

Consistently gaining deeper knowledge of hiring patterns, trends, and successful candidate profiles.

build intelligence

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

Drawing unique, unbiased insight from large pools of data.

Hire Top Candidates, Faster

Utilizing intelligence amplification — going beyond human knowledge or capabilities.

Increase Conversion Rates

Accessing relevant and personalized data to make data-driven decisions.

Strengthen Intellectual Property

Increasing your competitive advantage with a dedicated AI environment powered by your data, processes and expertise.

strengthen your intellectual property
customize your experience

Customize your experience

We match the system to meet your work processes. Utilize job boards, over 50 university sites, as well as niche publications and professional group sites.

Scale your reach internationally

Source candidates from all over the world — including North America, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.


Get a dedicated project manager

Providing initial onboarding, subsequent trainings, ongoing support, account reviews, additional scoping customizations, and traditional phone and email support for day-to-day needs.

Greg Roush

Manager, Training and Client Success

Unsilo your data

Multiple databases

One or many ATS platforms, CRM systems, and other data sources.

Open API

Easy integration and flexibility for the future.

Configurable integrations

Connect and share data across multiple systems.

Centralized dashboard

All your sourcing channels and activities in one seamless platform.

Other segments we serve.


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