Recruiting Robotics Technology

Predictive automation technology for recruiting and sourcing candidates.

Arya is predictive automation technology for empowering recruiters. Through behavioral pattern recognition, predictive analytics and intelligent automation, Arya brings qualified and interested candidates directly to your recruiter.

Why use Arya?

Time Spent Sourcing

The Problem.

Recruiters report spending 40-60% of their days sourcing candidates, which leaves them with minimal time to actually work with qualified candidates. That accounts for roughly 100 hours per month for each recruiter, costing employers between $30-40k yearly.

*Based on 2008 survey and average recruiter salary of $75k, yearly.

Per Recruiter Monthly
Per Recruiter Monthly
Per Recruiter Yearly
Recruiter / Yr.

The Solution.

Arya solves this problem by automating the right portions of the sourcing and recruiting process and initially engaging with candidates. Arya’s intelligent automation allows recruiters to save time, work on more jobs at once, and focus on what’s important: building candidate relationships and increasing revenue.

What does Arya do?

Arya’s patent-pending technology learns, remembers and repeats successful sourcing patterns of your company’s recruiters so that more time can be spent interacting with qualified and interested candidates.

Automated Sourcing

By integrating directly with your ATS, Arya uses your job description and previously successful hiring patterns to search for qualified candidates in your database and in online job boards.

Candidate Engagement

Arya automatically reaches out to sourced candidates to gauge their interest in the position and then brings them back into your candidate pipeline.

Knowledge Retention

Arya constantly tracks the sourcing practices that bring your recruiters successful hires. This means that your recruiters’ knowledge is retained, even if they leave your company.

Available in the Cloud

Arya’s worry-free infrastructure is accessible at any time on any device.

Additional Modules

Enhance your Arya experience with these additional modules.


Social Arya

Social Arya utilizes predictive automation technology to target passive candidates on social media. Instead of sending Arya into your database or external job boards, Arya is sent into the open web to search for passive candidates based on your search criteria and previously successful hiring patterns. The result? Access to a vast pool of untapped talent. Arya aggregates candidates’ social media pages into one easy-to-read profile, giving you a better understanding of a candidate than a static resume could ever provide.

Job Publishing

Our one-click job publishing add-on allows you to quickly post a job to multiple sites at once, whether it is a job board, company career site, or social media page. The module automatically brings applicants into your candidate pipeline so Arya can begin to pre-screen and qualify the applicants. This highly intelligent tool helps ensure that you only receive the best candidates.

Career Portal

Our interactive career portal drives candidate engagement and allows recruiters to begin building candidate relationships prior to their first call. The search-engine-optimized site allows recruiters to create a profile, upload a picture, and add their own message or video in order to humanize the otherwise impersonal recruiting process. Our site was built with a responsive design, so user experience is enhanced across all devices.

Partnerships & Integrations

We integrate with all major applicant tracking systems and talent management software that provide open API access. Contact a sales representative to inquire about currently supported integrations.

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